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pasture-raised chickens are sold out for 2014.
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raspberries are looking beautiful
stay tuned for late summer/fall harvesting!


  Pasture Raised Chickens

Our pasture-raised chickens wander the pasture during the day hunting for bugs and seeds, and soaking up fresh air and sunshine. At night they are closed up in predator-proof shelters. We process here on the farm, so we are able to monitor quality from start to finish.

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  • Alfalfa
  • Grass
  • Orchard Grass/Alfalfa/Clover Mix
  • Large Rounds or Small Squares

Hay Services
  • Cutting/Conditioning/Raking
  • Baling

Contact us to check inventory or to have us give you a quote for services.
Asparagus in spring and raspberries in fall. Our newly planted apple orchard will be producing in a couple years, so stay tuned!
  Milk Soap

These soaps are lovely. Several varieties are available. For our soap story, click here.